We want the Cigna experience to be unique, to look after our customers and to provide them with straightforward and immediate access to medical assistance. We therefore include a range of free medical services in all network and reimbursement policies:

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    91 179 14 87 / 93 259 34 14 / 902 365 300

    When and where our members want it. Our medical team is on hand to answer all your questions at any time, 365 days a year. A very useful service if you need guidance, support or medical coordination in any situation, whether it is an emergency or not.

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    Cigna wants to offer you the best service, especially at the most difficult times. For this reason, provided that it has been requested and is necessary, a personal reference nurse will be assigned to provide support to patients with cancer, premature babies, high-risk pregnancies, admitted to ICU, with chronic and severe conditions and multiple injuries. The healthcare professional will guide you and keep you informed throughout the process in terms of dealings with the company, cover, second medical opinion and providers.If necessary, hospital visits will also be made to the patient and guides provided on health recommendations in the case of chronic illnesses (heart disease, diabetes).

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    91 179 14 87 / 93 259 34 14 / 902 365 300 / cigna.es

    If you need to arrange a consultation of a psychological nature on anxiety, relationships, depression, stress, etc., our team of psychologists will provide you with a personalized service in absolute confidence by phone and via our website.

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    +34 91 572 4406

    In the event of an emergency, Cigna always ensures access to healthcare for all travel thanks to one of the highest levels of cover on the market, which includes:

    • Emergency medical expenses up to a maximum of €20,000 per claim and per member.
    • Emergency dental expenses up to a maximum of €300 per claim and per member.
    • Medical transport or repatriation of mortal remains and return costs of accompanying persons.
    • Return costs when, owing to an accident or illness, the member has been hospitalized and has lost his/her return ticket to Spain, up to a maximum of €900.
    • Delivery of medicines in the event of an emergency.
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    91 418 40 40 / 93 301 06 56

    To get the best diagnosis, it is always better to have the opinion of more than one expert. In the event of a serious illness, Cigna offers a second diagnosis as a means of identifying the most advanced therapeutic alternatives. The most prestigious international specialists study each case in a personalized manner to give a response without you having to leave the comfort of your own home.

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    91 179 14 87 / 93 259 34 14 / 902 365 300

    We provide help and guidance for maintaining a balanced diet, improving eating habits and explaining which foods are the healthiest and best.

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    If our members are unable to travel to see a doctor or to Accident & Emergency, Cigna comes to them. With this service, a paramedic will come to the member's home for dressings and injectables, or a general practitioner if this is necessary.

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    • 24-hour hotline for pregnant women (91 418 40 40 / 93 301 06 56) 
      We want you to experience a pregnancy without any complications. Cigna offers you a permanent help line available 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year, to provide you with information and guidance on your pregnancy and the post-partum period.
    • Dental programme for pregnant women (91 418 40 40 / 93 301 06 56) Pregnant women insured with Cigna benefit from a completely free dental programme that supplements the health policy and includes different types of cover for areas such as planning a diet for caries control, oral hygiene and application of desensitizing fluoride treatments, among others.