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Our health plans are flexible and help to meet the needs of your expatriate employees via an appropriate service and access to the biggest medical network (more than a million healthcare professionals and medical facilities).

In addition to maximum medical cover worldwide, our health plans include:

-   Expense reimbursement management that is flexible and easy to use​

-   Health and wellbeing programmes

-   Concierge and Travel Assistance service:​

•  How to recover or replace lost documents such as passports and credit cards

•  Personal emergency telephone translation services

•  Locating nearby medical professionals or health facilities

•  Coordinating emergency travel arrangements for children below 18 years of age who may be left unattended if a family member falls ill

•  Help in obtaining the documents needed for medical insurance claims

•  Organization of emergency medical evacuation"


If you want to learn more about our Salud Cuadro Médico plans and all that Cigna can do to protect the health of your employees, contact us:​