• Free choice of specialist within our extensive network.
  • Access to more than 50 free services.
  • You will have access to the cover from day one.
  • Without exclusion periods.
  • All pre-existing dental conditions covered.

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GET THE BEST PRICE for your Health Insurance

We at Cigna are aware of the importance of maintaining excellent oral health, which is why we have created our Dental Health Insurance that offers cover and exclusive conditions for you and your family.

For an affordable monthly instalment, you will get cover, from day one, for any dental treatment and you will also be able to choose any specialist in odonto-stomatology from within our extensive network of specialists in Spain.

You will also have access to cover, from day one, without exclusion periods and with all pre-existing dental conditions covered.​

Cigna Salud Dental offers you a range of cover to protect your oral health:

  • Free choice of specialists within Cigna’s dental provider network in Spain, consisting of the best specialists in odonto-stomatology with extensive experience in prevention, care and oral surgery.
  • You will be eligible for more than 50 dental services free of charge, including:
    • Initial and diagnostic examination.
    • Consultations and check-ups (orthodontic consultations and check-ups are not included).
    • Simple extractions.
    • Periapical X-rays.
    • Orthopantomography, within Cigna's dental radiodiagnostics specialization.
    • An annual dental cleaning.
    • Oral hygiene education.
  • Other treatments with very advantageous conditions and special prices in relation to average market rates.
  • Innovative treatments and materials such as fibre or carbon post reconstructions, zirconium bridges, cast or injected Empress porcelain jacket and teeth whitening.
  • Dental emergencies, in any of the dental clinics contracted with Cigna.