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Cigna salud selección consultas


  • Cigna’s extensive medical provider network.
  • Unlimited consultations in all medical specializations.
  • Diagnostic investigations (including of a high-tech nature).
  • Integral Dental Cover with more than 30 free services.
  • Access to free medical services*.

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Cigna Salud Consultas

At Cigna, we work to offer the best solutions to our members.

So Cigna Salud Selección Consultas is the answer for those wanting access to an extensive network of renowned specialists and to see a doctor without having to wait and at the most convenient time, but only paying when they actually make use of the service.

From just €14.50/month, we offer you the best medical service based on a copay model that includes all types of cover** and with large discounts for your spouse and children. The low monthly cost of Cigna Salud Selección Consultas for all ages is one of its main advantages, since, from €14.50 per month, the monthly premiums are highly competitive: e.g. just €22 a month for a 54-year-old or €30 a month for a 64-year-old. Furthermore, you will get a 20% discount on your children's insurance (from €10 a month) and a 10% discount for your spouse (from €13.05 a month).

You will be able to choose your doctor from the list of over 41,900 medical practitioners and 1,870 hospitals and clinics in Spain making up our prestigious network of specialists, and enjoy all the facilities and benefits that come with your Cigna health insurance. The only difference is that, when you use a service, you will pay via the established amount, with the cost being added to your monthly premium.

* Second medical opinion, 24-hour Telemedicine service, emergencies when travelling in another country and dental programme for pregnant women, among others.
** Except hospitalization, emergencies and surgery.