• Free choice of specialist.
  • Extensive Medical Provider Network.
  • 100% cover of medical expenses*. 
  • Copay option available.
  • Access to free medical services**.

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GET THE BEST PRICE for your Health Insurance

Our mission is to take care of your health.

That's why we have created Cigna Salud Plena for you and your family - the health insurance with the best cover in one of the most prestigious medical service networks in Spain. 

  • Hospital and outpatient emergencies.
  • Primary Care on an outpatient basis and at home. 
  • All medical specializations included.
  • Supplementary Diagnostic Tools: PET/CT, magnetic resonance imaging, clinical tests, etc.
  • Innovative Therapeutic Methods: physiotherapy and rehabilitation, speech therapy and phoniatry, aerosol therapy, ventilation therapy, oxygen therapy, etc. 
  • Hospitalization and Surgery: 365 days of hospitalization (except for psychiatry - 30 days - and ICU - 90 days-)
  • Maternity and Newborn care: Follow-up of pregnancy, preparation for childbirth, newborn's medical expenses for the first 7 days of life provided that the baby remains hospitalized in the same facility and the birth was covered by Cigna. 
  • Preventive medicine: Prevention programme for colorectal cancer and coronary artery disease risk, annual gynaecological screening, dental programme for pregnant women and regular infant development consultations, among others.
  • Reimbursement of Nonhospital Pharmacy products***.
  • Supplementary Psychology services: Telephone Psychological Counselling and clinical psychology consultations.
  • Basic Dental cover that includes, at no additional cost: initial visits, simple tooth extractions, periapical X-rays, an orthopantomogram and an annual oral hygiene exam from a team of highly qualified dentists located throughout Spain, Portugal and Andorra. 
  • Cigna Services +Salud at special prices: laser refractive surgery, health and/or sports checks, infertility treatments, quitting smoking, cosmetic treatments, etc. 

*Covered within the approved Medical Team Network.
** Second medical opinion, 24-hour Telemedicine service, emergencies when travelling in another country and dental programme for pregnant women, among others.
***50% of nonhospital generic products with doctor's prescription will be reimbursed. Reimbursement limit of €100 per insurance year.