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How copayments work

Small amounts that are paid for each medical service used within our network of Approved Medical Services.

Co-pays are small amounts that are paid for each medical service used within our approved medical provider network. If your insurance has co-pays, you can find the details about the different medical acts and the associated fees in the conditions of your policy.

What you need to know about co-pays:

  • Each time you use a service with co-pays, these accumulate in your co-pay account.
  • At the beginning of each month, if there is an amount exceeding €3 in your co-pay account, we will send you the co-pay statement from the previous month, and we will collect the amount via your current account. If the amount is less than or equal to €3, it will be rolled over to the following month and nothing will be collected from you until the month in which this amount is exceeded.
  • If the co-pay arises in the last few days of the month, it may not appear until the following months’ statement.
  • Check the co-pays received carefully. Bear in mind the fact that the terms used may be technical words and may therefore differ from the common name used for some investigations. AIn addition, the company issuing the co-pay may also differ from the trade name or name of the medical professional.

If you need more information about co-pays, contact us on 91 418 40 40 / 93 301 06 56 and we will answer all your questions.