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How to submit a reimbursement claim

We at Cigna handle reimbursements promptly

We at Cigna handle reimbursements promptly, paying them by bank transfer within 7 working days if you submit the claim via​ your private member area or within 10 working days for claims received via ordinary mail, only if and when all the documentation submitted is in order. ​


Access your private member area area and you will be able to submit your claims to us 100% online and track their status in real time.

Submitting a reimbursement claim via your private area is very straightforward. Just click on “Submit a reimbursement claim” and the system will guide you through the different steps and remind you of all the documentation you need to attach to enable us to process your reimbursement claim. If the information submitted is in order, you will receive the reimbursement within 7 working days.

área privada de asegurado


In order to submit your expenses reimbursement claim by ordinary mail, you will have to complete our reimbursement claim form and enclose all the necessary documentation:

  • The original invoice, with a breakdown thereof if this invoice includes several services.
  • The discharge report in cases of surgical procedures or hospital admissions.
  • The medical prescription in the case of diagnostic investigations, rehabilitation treatments, etc.
  • The pharmacy ticket in the case of reimbursement for non-hospital pharmaceutical expenses.

Send all the documentation to us to any of the following addresses:

Cigna Salud
Att. Reembolsos
Apartado de Correos 50740
28080 Madrid

Cigna Salud
Parque Empresarial La Finca
Paseo del Club Deportivo 1. Edificio 14, planta baja.
28223 Pozuelo de Alarcón (Madrid)


  • It is essential for you to fill in all the personal details correctly.
  • In the “Medical Acts” section, write down all the information required and don’t forget to enclose the original invoices for all the items you list.
  • It is very important for you to fill in the current account field, as this is the account into which we will pay the reimbursement. If the account number is wrong or incomplete, we will make the reimbursement payments into the main account for the policy.
  • It is essential for you to sign the form to enable the reimbursement claim to be processed.

The reimbursement payment will be made within approximately 10 working days from the date on which all the documentation was received.

Before submitting a reimbursement claim for a medical expense, remember to check the cover and limits of your health plan to make sure that the invoice will be eligible for reimbursement. In addition, remember that even if you have a reimbursement plan, no amounts will be reimbursed that relate to invoices generated by a medical facility and/or doctor belonging to Cigna’s approved medical provider network.

Note: In exceptional cases and depending on the complexity of the service provided, Cigna may request additional information to facilitate the correct payment of invoices.