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Private members’ area

Managing your health plan couldn't be easier. We’re available online 24 hours a day.

The Private Members’ Area is an exclusive space for Cigna members where you can manage the most common transactions relating to your policy, thereby avoiding journeys and phone calls at the same time as looking after your health

What you can do in your private area?

  • Manage your policy:
    • Update personal details.
    • Request a duplicate insurance card.
  • Get information on all the types of cover that are included in your health plan.
  • Submit a reimbursement claim 100% online and get real-time information on your status.
  • Request authorizations and track them.
  • Access the history of medical services you have used within Cigna's Medical Provider Network.
  • Find out your state of health and wellbeing using a personalized test. Once you understand your state of health and wellbeing and the key areas to focus on, you will be able to manage and improve your health. You will also receive advice on how to start making changes in your life: small goals that are easy to achieve and which will help you to feel better each day.


área privada de asegurado