Our mission is to help you to improve your health, wellbeing and sense of security. You are at the centre of all our decisions, our values make us unique and this is why we want to commit to you and your health.

With this objective, we want to share our CIGNA PLEDGE.


We at Cigna inform you clearly about the product you have taken out.If you have any questions, you can contact us on 902 363 666 and we will answer any questions you have about your cover. We offer you the most suitable products for you and yours, because honesty is one of our values.We make sure that you take out the cover you need, no more no less.

Our processes are accessible and straightforward, and always at your fingertips on our web page. See more.

We value your trust and that's why we protect the confidentiality of all the information you share with us, whether personal or medical. We have programmes on privacy and confidentiality in which our employees participate so we can guarantee that your data are accessible only to the personnel authorized to access your information.”


Through our Care and Medical Advice Service (902 365 300), we answer any medical questions you may have, we guide you in emergency situations or we simply provide you with support, advice or medical coordination.

In the event of a serious illness, we offer you the option of having a second diagnosis and finding out about the most advanced therapeutic alternatives. Through our Second Medical Opinion Service (902 363 666), internationally renowned specialists will study your case in a personalized way to give you an answer without any need for you to travel.

We're also there for you when you feel down. Through our Telephone Psychological Counselling Service (902 365 300), our team of psychologists will provide you with a personalized service in the strictest confidence, helping you at those times when you need personal and specialist support.

We look after you when you are pregnant, with a particular focus on your oral health via the Dental Programme for pregnant women. We have a permanent help line (902 363 666) which you can use to obtain information and guidance on your dental care during pregnancy.

We also look after you when you find yourself unemployed and we manage the termination of your individual policy immediately without any type of penalty, if that is what you need.


We are passionate about our customers, about you. All our decisions are driven by a desire to listen to you, get to know you and meet your needs.

Our Customer Experience Improvement Committee evaluates the most sensitive cases within a maximum of 7 days, and we look for flexible and personalized solutions or alternatives so we can be sure that, as a team, we are doing the best for our members.

We aim for excellence in everything we do and we are committed to improving the satisfaction of our members on an ongoing basis. The level of satisfaction with Cigna's service is more than 92%1, and we want to continue in this direction with your help.

We are committed to direct communication with our customers, and we therefore make various means of contact available to you: personal interviews, suggestion box, forms on the website, online surveys and telephone surveys. And we are continually innovating with new tools that bring us closer to you.

You will always be looked after by a specialist Health adviser. 98%2 of the members who contact our Customer Service team are very satisfied with the treatment and service received having had their question answered during the same call. We are committed to solving more complex queries within 24/48h, via telephone or e-mail.

We innovate for you, and every year we include new cover in your policy, making sure that we attend to your needs and those of the market.”


We manage your medical appointment on a preferential basis with many of our medical providers, so you are able to see a doctor quickly and without waiting lists.

We commit to processing your reimbursements within 7 days, provided that the information is complete, from the time the invoice is received by Cigna online or physically.

We send you your policy documentation (commencement, renewal, duplicate cards, etc.) within a maximum of 24/48h.

We manage authorizations within 24/48h and we send you it via text or e-mail at the same time as it is received by the medical facility, so you know the status of your authorization at all times.

Any registered doctor may issue a medical prescription, even if he/she does not belong to our medical network.

You decide where and by whom you will be cared for from the list of 41,900 specialists and more than 1,870 hospitals and private clinics that belong to our medical network.”