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Emergencies and Assistance in Spain

24-hour emergency service – 91 179 14 87 | 93 259 34 14 | 902 365 300

In our online Medical Provider Directory you will find the hospitals, located throughout Spain, where you can go in an emergency, and find out what types of emergency are considered. It is possible that your usual medical facility doesn't have this service, in which case you can call our 24-hour emergency service on 91 179 14 87  /  93 259 34 14  /  902 365 300 and we will tell you how to proceed.

Depending on your medical circumstances, and following assessment by our medical team:

  • We will send a medical professional or an ambulance to your home​.
  • We will tell you the nearest hospital you can go to​.

Remember that...

  • You will need to present your Cigna insurance card and your identification document (Spanish national ID card or residence permit for Spain) if you go to a facility belonging to our Medical Provider Network
  • You do not need authorization

If you are in another country​, to make use of the emergency service you must first call +34 91 572 44 06. You can find information about our cover for medical assistance when travelling in another country here.

DENTAL EMERGENCIES – 91 418 40 40 / 93 301 06 56

If you have a dental emergency, you can go to any dental clinic from our Medical Provider Directory.

In addition, if you have Cigna Salud Dental Franquiciado, and if you can't find any contracted clinics at the time of the emergency, you can go to any dentist without going to great expense because at Cigna we reimburse you for 50% of the cost of the consultation (treatments performed at this consultation not included), with a limit of €30 per invoice and up to 4 consultations per year.

Do you want to know how to submit your reimbursement claim? Go to Submit a reimbursement claim

HOME MEDICAL ASSISTANCE – 91 179 14 87 / 93 259 34 14 / 902 365 300

If you are unable to travel to see a doctor or to Accident & Emergency, Cigna comes to you. With this service, you will be able to have a paramedic come to your home for dressings and injectables, or a general practitioner. In order to request this special care, consult the “Home emergencies” section of the medical provider directory. If you do not have this type of service available in your area, call our emergency telephone number 91 179 14 87 / 93 259 34 14 / 902 365 300 - and our experts will tell you how to proceed.